About us


In October 1997 Eco Resort Inn became part of the oldest and most renowned hotel in Suriname; Torarica Hotel & Casino. Eco Resort Inn is a colonial townhouse and former home of a family that happily lived there for many years before selling it to Torarica Hotel & Casino.

The historical townhouse was lovingly renovated in such a way that it maintained its original colonial architecture. To transform the historical former townhouse into a hotel, a wing with 72 rooms was constructed while two rooms on the first floor of the townhouse were restyled into Executive Rooms. With a total of 74 rooms the hotel opened its doors on December 23, 1997.

The historical townhouse maintained its lovely Bougainville Terrace and the many woodworking products. The spacious backyard filled with many fruit trees that formally served as a playground to the children that used to live there, remained intact.

In September 2012 a pool deck was constructed in the back of the garden, along the Suriname River. The swimming pool at the pool deck, with an amazing view of the Suriname River and cool river breezes, offers a relaxing and inviting ambiance.

The construction of the second building with 48 rooms was finished in August 2004. Eco Resort Inn can now comfortably accommodate its guests in 122 rooms. 

Environmentally friendly
Eco Resort Inn keeps striving to remain the best eco hotel in Suriname. The environmental friendly approach of its operations and sustainable policy are carefully implemented. The furniture and many of its accessories have been produced from natural products. The environmentally friendly policy is also the reason the hotel does not feature any lifts.

Our air-conditioning system consists of split units that use environmentally friendly gas. Furthermore, our rooms are built in such a way that guests can chose not to use the air conditioning system and opt to rely solely on the cool breezes that come in through the open windows instead.

We use energy saving lighting, implement a water-saving policy and recycle plastic objects.

Our guests also highly appreciate the amenities in the rooms that are made from natural products. The amenities, including body lotions, shampoos and soaps, are completely made from natural products such as the acai berry and the awara fruit. These amenities are appropriately packed in jute and are very popular among our guests who often even take the products with them upon their departure.

Awards & Certificering
Eco Resort Inn was ISO 22000 certified in April 2007. This means that every meal and drink prepared for our guests is prepared according to international standards for food safety.

In April 2010 the hotel became ISO 9001 certified; indicating that according to international recognized standards all work processes are committed to quality, customers and a willingness towards improving efficiency.

After finalizing an extensive training in June 2012 provided by the organization Travel Life, Eco Resort Inn also received the Travel Life Gold Award for Sustainability. The result of the green policy developed for and implemented by all the hotels of the ‘Torarica Group of Hotels’ and our way of contributing to environmental conservation.

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